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DIY: Christmas Fascinators

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Each year my family has a themed Christmas party. It started back in 2011 with ugly sweaters, and each year it has evolved into something a little more creative. This year we decided that we would take the party up a notch with festive fascinators and top hats. They were super fun and easy to make, and they were even more fun to wear!! Eat your heart out royal family!

DIY Christmas Fascinators

30 Minutes to 1 Hour


  • Headband
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Shoulder Pad or padding liner from a bikini top
  • Silk flowers/Christmas ornaments/fake birds
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


1.  Look at tons of fascinators online for inspiration because you will laugh your ass off.

2. If you plan to use a bow, you will want to construct it first. You can make a tails down bow, a pinwheel bow, whatever your style is. Pro tip: the bigger and more dramatic, the better in Fascinator Land

To make my bows perfectly symmetrical, I always make each side separately.  I cut  pieces of ribbons into equal lengths, and then I glue them into loops. Then you glue each piece together and hide the seam with another piece of ribbon to make it look like the knot in the bow. BOOM!

3. Glue the shoulder pad or bikini padding to your headband. Make sure it is off to the side. If you want a different color or pattern, you could always wrap it in fabric and glue that to the top.

4. Make the veil. Cut a square piece of the tulle. Bunch up the ends and glue it to the top of the bikini padding. If you want to go the extra mile, I punched holes out of black paper and added some dots to mine. Because I’m fancy ya’ll.

5. Add the bow, flowers, ornaments or whatevs to cover the glue seam of the veil.

6. Voila! You have a homemade fascinator that would make even the most distinguished of the Brits get head piece envy, and now you have an awesome new accessory to wear to your themed holiday party.

7. Very Important: Force your husband or significant other to wear a matching hat so that the two of you will look disgustingly adorable. Trust me…they will love it.

Now you’re ready to sport your fascinator to your next holiday event. See how much fun we had. This could be you and your crazy family!!

Merry Christmas from the fam-a-leeeeeee!!