Meet Brooke

Brooke Treadwell is a Texas girl, born and raised, and currently residing in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas. She studied fine art and design at Texas State University and graduated with a BFA in Communication Design. She works predominately in acrylic and oil, but she also experiments with watercolor and mixed media pieces.

Brooke is heavily influenced by the ideas of expressionism, but her art is based on instinct rather than theory. She uses limited color palettes and limited context so that the focus is on the emotion of the subject matter. Expression is the most important element of her pieces, and the goal is to infuse the subject with personality and emotion. “I like to capture the subject and create a realistic likeness while maintaining the expressive techniques and painterly textures that are impossible to capture with a photograph.” says Brooke.

Her inspiration can be selective, but she is often drawn to people or things that have a compelling story to tell. “Although I’ve been told that it’s good for an artist to find a niche, I don’t really have one,“ she explains. “I paint anything that I see beauty in. My goal as an artist is to help people see the beauty in the ordinary and to evoke some type of emotion… whether it be something new to them or something they have seen a thousand times.”

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